By Elizabeth Jane Wheeler

I value and look forward to the Lenten period. It reminds me that I should quietly reflect on this past year and all that has transpired in my life; what I have accomplished as a Christian and what I need to improve on as a Christian.

I look back across the centuries, when Jesus walked on this earth, and think about all the wonderful philosophies HE brought to us. HE really changed the World in the short span of His life. I think about the struggles HE endured to help people change from Paganism to Christianity.  

HE never gave up that struggle. And likewise, we should be strong and never give up in what we believe -- even if sometimes we are misunderstood and we have to struggle to help those who misunderstand us.

And so during this Lenten period, as I retreat for a "moment" to reflect and to pray, I ask my Lord, Jesus Christ, to give me the patience, the wisdom, the courage, (in love for all) to help wherever I can -- in my community and at All Saints.  

I especially pray that HE will help me to help All Saints become a beacon to light the way for all who need our help.


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