Save Us From the Time of Trial

By Elizabeth Losa

The Book of Common Prayer’s contemporary Lord’s Prayer seemed such an improvement to me that I began using it in my private devotions even while my church continues to use the traditional form. The newer translation calls a sin a sin, rather than a stroll across the grass. It speaks person to person rather than using "Thy" which is artificial to my speech, and it allows us to contemplate the kingdom, the power and the glory before ascribing them. 

And saying “Save us in the time of trial…” answers my childhood objection that a good God would not even think of leading us into temptation.  Indeed when older persons explained to me that God tries us and it makes us stronger, I never bought it.

But I realized this week that I was reading the phrase incorrectly, it is actually rendered, “Save us from the time of trial.”  At first I thought that perhaps the preposition was just the choice the translators made for some difficult word.  So I went to the BibleGateway Website where there are many translations of the Bible including 59 in English. Many were “lead us not into temptation.’ and others spoke of being delivered from trial. Not one addressed being in the trial already. 

Then I found myself asking why Jesus would include this in his prayer. And it suddenly made sense.  He was led to the wilderness to be tempted. The devil left him only for a time. But when those trials come to us, he is praying that we may be delivered from doing, becoming or being the evil that separates us from God.   

God’s answer to our prayers is wiser and more loving than the requests and Jesus recognized that trials would come but God would be with him.  Now I can pray that corporate prayer without reservations.

You can compare the two versions below.

And, if you are interested in exploring the true intention of each verse as it pertains to you, here's an interesting interpretation to feed your curiosity.


  1. Save us from the time of trial....

    What a comforting interpretation of this verse in the modern version of the Lord's Prayer : that we are being sought after in prayer when being tempted to become or do the evil that separates us from God. Knowing this feels like a second barricade beyond our own conscience to think twice before subscribing to that which causes brokenness between us and God. Thank you Elizabeth!


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